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3 Great Reasons You Should Take Engagement Photos

Why Take Engagement Photos?

Engagement photos have become a wedding trend. Deemed by some couples as unnecessary, time-consuming, and often another expense to add to the list (But not with me!), deciding whether or not to take engagement photos can be challenging for the newly-engaged couple. So, for those of you who are on the fence or for those of you who are simply unconvinced of the value of taking engagement photos, here are some reasons you don’t want to miss out on the fun.

1. Taking Engagement Photos Helps to Break the Ice

The relationship you have with your photographer is important and this gives you a great chance to get to know each other better. The reality is that your photographer is going to be tagging along during some of your most intimate moments on your wedding day and gets to serve as art director during the always-fun family portraits. Therefore, it’s imperative that you like your photographer (Hopefully you did your research before hiring them!) and by taking engagement photos together you will get to know one another even better. Conversely, your photographer will get to know you as a couple and will be able to create situations that will highlight the two of you and your bond. Everyone wins in the end!

2. Learn to Warm Up to the Camera

Other than getting your photo taken at picture day for school or for a few minutes during the occasional holiday family portrait, engagement photos may be your first exposure (pun intended) to being in front of the camera. More often than not, couples will freeze up and/or feel awkward about how “unnatural” getting their photo taken repeatedly feels. This, in turn, leads couples to appear just as awkward in photos as they think they do! There is, however, nothing unnatural about wanting to capture a momentous day in your life. Engagement photos let you get all those uncomfortable feelings out of your systems early on. They afford you a glimpse into what it’s like to be photographed on your wedding day. Just that sense of comfort and confidence alone can help ease much of your wedding day anxiety!

3. Use Pictures in Save-the-Date Cards – and More

If you hire your wedding photographer early enough in your wedding planning process, you can schedule your engagement session so you’ll have pictures for save-the-date cards. Or, if that’s not your scene or you’re too far along, incorporate engagement photos into your table assignments for your reception. Make balloons with your faces on them for your exit from the church. Hand out a photo calendar with your pictures as a party favor. Use your imagination!

That Said…

Whatever you decide with respect to engagement photos, make sure to have fun and not be afraid to let loose on your wedding day. You’ll be surrounded by the love and support of family, friends, and your vendors and everyone wants you to enjoy yourselves!